Who we are?

Bugbear Entertainment is a game studio specializing in action driving. We’ve been making car games for sixteen years, starting with Rally Trophy (2001, PC). With over a decade of development under its belt, Bugbear Entertainment has successfully redefined the genre of action racing.

We are best known for the critically acclaimed demolition derby racing series FlatOut (2004-2007, PC, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360) and street racing title Ridge Racer Unbounded (2013, PC, PS3, Xbox 360).

Contact us:

Bugbear Entertainment Ltd., Teollisuuskatu 33, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Our Games

Ridge Racer Unbounded

Released March 2012.
PS3, XBOX360, Windows PC, NAMCO BANDAI Games

“One of the most subversive, sublime street-racing games ever made” – Edge 9/10

“Ridge Racer Unbounded is brilliant” – Eurogamer 8/10
“It’s one hell of a ride” – Gamespot 8.0

“It’s been a while since I played a game till my thumbs hurt” – Electronic Gaming Monthly EGM 9.0 / Gold Award

FlatOut, FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Released: 2004-2008.
XBOX 360, PS2, XBOX, PC, Empire Interactive

Innovative destruction racing game series spanning two generations of hardware and three separate titles.

“For those who just want to race fast, wreck hard, and look good doing it, FlatOut fits the bill.” – Gamespot

1UP 9/10 – IGN 8 8.5/10 Editor’s Choice – Team Xbox 8.8/10 Editor’s Choice –

EDGE Best PS2 Racer 2006 – G4TV X-Play Best Racer 2006

Sega Rally

Sega Rally Revo in the United States
Released: 2007. Sony PSP, Sega

Portable version of the legendary racing series.


Released: 2005. N-Gage, Nokia
Story-driven arcade racer.

Winner of several “Best on N-Gage” awards and billed as “The perfect mobile game”.

Tough Trucks

Released: 2003. PC, Activision
Climb into the driver’s seat of an outrageous pumped-up 4×4.

Rally Trophy

Released: 2001. PC, Jowood
The historic rally simulator.

Best PC Racer 2002 – Gamespot